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Data-driven techniques in a crowded marketplace

Higher Education Marketing

What is your plan for reaching out to students and bringing them into your institution? In the modern world, all the leading schools take an approach backed by big data and expert consultation. If your institution isn’t following a proven higher education marketing method led by an experienced professional, how can you expect to compete?

It all starts with data-driven analytics. This extremely powerful asset has the potential to help you tap into a digital marketing strategy that has been proven to succeed. The number one question we want to answer is what data will shine a light on how we can breakthrough to students and inspire them to enroll?

Once you have answered the above question, you want to uncover how to keep students and alumni engaged enough to continually promote your brand and inspire loyalty? By having access to a wealth of relevant data, you can confidently make higher education marketing decisions that are proven to impact your bottom line. If you want to increase your marketing ROI and drive profitability for your institution, it’s time to get serious about your digital marketing strategy.


Structured Growth Through Proven Practices


Keep It Personal and Make Students Feel It

There are many challenges that exist in today’s marketplace. One of those challenges is based on the fact that the market is saturated with conflicting messages. In order to break through the clutter, it’s important to keep your higher education marketing strategy personal. That means making a connection with each and everyone of your prospective students.

The World Of Digital Marketing Is Constantly Changing

By looking at the world of higher education marketing, you can see that the top-performing institutions all have something in common. Likewise, all the lower performing institutions also have something in common. By following the trends of progress, you will see that those who refuse to adapt are simply left behind.

Help yourself to keep up with the ever-changing digital competition by working with a professional team that focuses on the following:


Keeping grads, students and prospective students constantly engaged through the digital world.


Focused on increasing your enrollment


Shifting your focus towards marketing outcomes


Accomplishing goals while acknowledging that resources may be limited

Providing You With
A Clear Digital Roadmap

Any real results are always measurable. One way you can achieve true and lasting results is through the power of marketing automation. Modern marketing automation tools have the power to integrate email, content marketing, social media marketing, landing pages, and comprehensive analytics in order to help you initiate, build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with students, parents and alumni. In an effort to help you meet your goals, you can follow a proven seven-point action plan that is guaranteed to help you get over 60K visits. That action plan is:


Responsive website design and mobile development.


Video marketing and strategic social media management


Multilingual websites/landing pages with SEO friendly copywriting


Online advertising ( Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads )


Better email marketing


Thinking mobile-first for students


Online school curriculum



Decreasing Advertising Costs Through Digital Marketing

In today’s world, students have a myriad of options when it comes to higher education. For that reason, you must keep any marketing messages you promote extremely tailored and personal. In this way, students feel desired, wanted and therefore are inspired to enroll with you.


Well Defined Marketing Goals S.M.A.R.T

Any digital marketing campaign should be focused on accomplishing a few well-defined goals. Additionally, those goals should always be SMART.

Feel free to reach out for clarification on how your higher education marketing strategy can be SMART.











Providing You With A Clear

Digital Roadmap

Your higher education marketing plan is dependent on your searchability. For this reason, a solid higher education marketing plan should be focused on achieving the highest search engine rankings possible.

Search engine rankings will naturally come if your website is high quality, well built and SEO rich. Even so, it is important to put this goal at the foundation of your efforts. A typical list of things that can negatively impact your institution’s search engine rankings looks like this.

  • It doesn’t work on mobile
  • Too much low-quality text
  • It is too hard to update content
  • Photos are too small and low-quality
  • No video
  • The styles are inconsistent, no branding
  • Complicated CMS


A Comprehensive Approach To Higher Education Marketing

Your digital marketing plan should consist of multiple tactics that when combined create a powerful strategy that addresses all avenues of the student experience. One of the ways to quickly attract and maintain loyalty from prospective students is by paying attention to what they are thinking. This can be referred to as being compulsively obsessed on improving the student experience.

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