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Digital Marketing Specialist
Spécialiste du Marketing Numérique

My ultimate goal is to help you reach your goals. As a digital marketing specialist with experience from all around the world, I have a certain set of skills you can leverage to achieve maximum market penetration.

I was born and raised in the city of Istanbul and attended the University of Balikesir. After graduation, I became aware of how important it is for everyone to expand their horizons and develop a strong, unique personality and character. Around the same time, the global crisis arrived in Turkey. With economic uncertainty knocking at my doorstep, the future became increasingly important.


Eventually, it became clear that I had a chance to participate in one of the European Union Programs. With no knowledge of how I was going to make that happen, I took a big leap of faith. Thankfully, I landed in a position that would change the course of my life.

After sending out hundreds of applications, I was accepted into one of the European Union programs, which changed the course of my life forever. The project was centred around a local internet television program in the city of Kamnik in Slovenia. I worked as a social media and video marketing specialist and took on the responsibilities of recording, and editing videos for internet television broadcasting.

Here, broadcasting happened in the Slovene Language and it took all of my creativity to create works in a different language. As my first experience abroad, I learned a lot about organizing projects independently. One of the projects I facilitated was called “EVS Volunteer Speaks”. Within this project, I helped volunteers share their impressions with young people on internet platforms. The overall aim was to help young people with fewer opportunities in the EU to acknowledge their possibilities.

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” – Aldous Huxley

One of the main takeaways from this project was my experience in editing videos in English, Slovene, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Serbian, Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian and Turkish. Based on this, the project became one of the most dynamic experiences of my life. I encountered tons of positive feedback that helped me grow as a digital marketing specialist.  

Eventually progressing onto the Leonardo da Vinci media program in Germany set the stage for what would become an advanced experience in media. The program focused on in-depth vocational and educational training that allowed me to see the creative side of Germany..



Specializing in digital marketing means that I have the ability to help you leverage a variety of strategies that range from video marketing to content marketing and beyond. The term Digital Marketing encompasses all forms of online marketing. For you, this means you now have access to a whole fleet of fully capable tactics ready to enhance your digital presence into the stratosphere.

With so much experience in video production and post-production, I learned a few things that can help you reach your digital marketing goals. Having thoroughly explored Germany’s creative side, I know exactly how to utilize world-class techniques to help you achieve maximum penetration in your market.

From 2012 to 2014, I worked as a social media and video marketing specialist at Detur travel corporation across a number of amazing locations like Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, and Turkey. Throughout this period, I created hundreds of travel video projects, including tourist destinations, hotels, excursions and testimonials in English, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, and Norwegian. Why is this important for you?

This is incredibly important because the video is the future. Digital marketing strategies everywhere are becoming increasingly wise to the fact that customers prefer video content over anything else. In order to grab the attention of prospective customers and followers, you need a solid video strategy. With my expertise and passion for video as the most pivotal digital marketing strategy, we can do great things together.

In 2014, I was accepted in the Florence, Italy filmmaker program EUROPASS centro studi europeo. As an intern, I worked on many video projects including teaching videos about the Italian language, presentations, interviews, and concept videos in both English and Italian.

While there, I discovered, explored and spent countless hours snapping away at Florence’s rich historical and cultural history. For me, the incredible cultural experience was unmatched by anything else I have seen in the world.

Video production is the backbone of so many digital strategies from around the world. While in Italy, I had the chance to discover and explore around incredibly rich historical and cultural heritage areas. This extraordinary experience really solidified my passion for how video and digital marketing connect to make very powerful statements that evoke emotion and loyalty from customers, clients, fans and followers.

The following year in 2015, I began to study academic English at Camber College in the city of Powell River. After graduation, I was accepted into the social media marketing program at Canadian College. My past experience from the year before helped me to find new opportunities in Vancouver. At the same time, I got a chance to develop my potential in digital media. I created websites and organized social media campaigns for brand awareness.  During my work at Canadian College, I recorded and edited video projects in English, Spanish, Czech, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

Currently, I develop, implement and evaluate digital marketing strategies for SSLC ― Sprott Shaw Language College in Vancouver.  I build online advertising campaigns that drive social engagement and revenue growth for Latin America, Asia and Europe.

At the end of the day, my digital marketing philosophy revolves around worldly values like solidarity, diversity and equality for people from around the world. In this way, together, we can leverage positivity and hard work to build spectacular digital marketing campaigns that speak to the heart of people’s needs, desires and motivations.

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