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Hello, I’m Cem,


Digital Marketing Specialist

Passion, dedication, and a lot of coffee.

As a digital marketing specialist, I have helped companies, in media, travel and higher education industries, create a wide variety of diverse digital marketing strategies since 2010.


Social Media Marketing

I develop a digital approach to social media marketing that starts with research and planning to maximize ROI.


Video Production & Marketing

I specialize in video editing/post-production. I create high-quality marketing videos, webinars, video courses, vlogs, interviews, and videos for storytelling.


Online Advertising Campaign

I create a digital road map for success. From ad objectives to targeting and measurement, I create effective ads to reach the audience.


Professional Web Design 

A well-designed website is the most valuable digital marketing asset. I design websites with effective content, integrations, and reliability.

My Latest Work

Watch Facebook Video Ad ( 1’04”)

Sprott Shaw Language College

Vancouver, BC

Sprott Shaw Language College’s new website presents both new user experience and visual design while also giving the ability to reach the English courses that suit the students best.

In developing a new digital strategy for SSLC, I conducted research to better understand the unique needs of SSLC’s website visitors and created a new information architecture and visual design in a responsive website.

Vancouver International College

Vancouver, BC

I designed a brand-new website with a visual design that appeals to the young audience and offers a user experience that helps to gain a competitive advantage.

It incorporates a new visual identity, branding, and messaging. It will greatly improve their admissions, recruitment, and marketing efforts and stand out from the competition.

Watch Promotion Video ( 0’22”)

The World Of Digital Marketing Is Constantly Changing

By looking at the world of higher education marketing, you can see that the top-performing institutions all have something in common. Likewise, all the lower performing institutions also have something in common. By following the trends of progress, you will see that those who refuse to adapt are simply left behind.   GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HIGHER EDUCATION MARKETING

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